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Monogram Stone - Original
Monogram - Original-Design A Stone

Monogram Stone - Original

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Elevate your landscaping with a timeless stone that shines a spotlight on your last name. This monogram is beautifully designed that add simple sophistication. Personalize the text and choose between warm sandstone or chic greystone. Your full name will be framed and engraved across the center with crisp black lettering.

The monogram is engraved into the surface of the stone and filled with monument-grade paint for contrast. We also add an all-weather sealant on top to protect the concrete stone surface. Every stone is specially made to order, and we take our time to ensure that each letter stroke, calligraphy swirl, and flourish is flawless.

Like all of our name stones, this marker is built with solid, enhanced concrete that will last a lifetime. Easily install the 15 x 15-inch boulder by placing it on the center stake for added stability. With Design A Stone, your name looks and feels like home.

- 15 x 15-inch custom boulder
- Solid concrete (approximately 25lbs)
- Engraved and decorated with monument-grade paint
- Easy installation with ground stake
- Available in sandstone and greystone finish
- Flourish monogram with last name overlay
- Proudly Made In The USA