About Us

Design A Stone is a leader in personalized lawn décor name and address stones. We aim to provide you with the highest quality décor stones on the market. Our company prides itself on putting out a product that will last you a lifetime. We look forward to continuing to create a beautiful stone just for you, right here in the USA!


Made of an extremely durable and dense engineered enhanced concrete, our stones are designed to last a lifetime outdoors in the elements. All stones are engraved with state-of-the-art equipment then painted with a proprietary stone paint that will not fade or peel.

Fast Turnaround

In today's market, fast turnaround time is important. Also, we understand you're excited! That's why we guarantee that your stone ships within 4 business days.

Customer Service

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If there is any issue, we will fix it immediately. Our customer service agents are dedicated to getting a response to our customers promptly.

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