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Yard Enhancement

     Most homeowners think that first impressions start at the front door, or maybe it all begins at the front porch and flower beds, if you’re thinking outside the box. However, every single guest and visitor will see your yard from the road. Even if they don’t come inside, they’ll have a lasting opinion.

     Improving your curb appeal can be a costly, time-consuming project, and not every upgrade comes with a widespread range of benefits. Design A Stone concrete stone markers are made to order with customized designs and they’re easy to install in three simple steps.

Discover five reasons to enhance your yard with a Design A Stone creation:

1. Year-Round Sophistication

     While carefully tended flowers disappear in the winter, pruned trees drop mushy, wet leaves in the fall, and patches of grass turn brown in the summer, this Design A Stone rock will look stunning in every season. The high-strength concrete is hand-poured in the USA and finished with durable designs that won’t fade, crack, or peel during seasonal changes, even with snow and ice.

2. Neighborhood Distinction

     If you live in a look-alike community or a newly built subdivision, it can be difficult to stand out. How do you showcase your unique, personal style? If your neighbors share similar paint colors, landscapes, and home styles, this Design A Stone marker can make an impact. You won’t ever have to give directions like, “It’s the fourth green house on the left.” Instead, say, “Our house has the stone marker. You can’t miss it!”

3. Convenient Deliveries

     A well-marked address stone is essential for deliveries. Does your pizza delivery driver have to call to doublecheck the address? Are your Amazon deliveries often accidentally delivered to the house next door? Design A Stone can be installed anywhere, so you can position a clear, visible address marker at the end of your long driveway or up close next to the porch. Depending on your lot size and layout, this stone can clear up confusion. Options are available with the address number alone, the street name, and a monogram, so you can find the perfect design to match your style.

4. Share Your Story

     Design A Stone offers a wide range of decorative designs. Whether you’re decorating the edge of your garden, sharing a testament of your faith, or celebrating military service, there’s something for- everyone. Design A Stone even has designs with police and fireman flags in order to display your career and show community support to everyone who drives by.

5. A Gift to Treasure

     These personalized rocks are also very popular for wedding and housewarming gifts. Design A Stone offers a wide variety of design options that range from a minimalistic, single letter or script name to a detailed tree of life display with your last name. Most other gifts fade and break, but this stone is crafted with the highest quality materials that will last for years to come. Every time the family pulls into their driveway or walks through the garden, they’ll cherish your personal gift.

- Design A Stone