the best housewarming gifts

The Best Housewarming Gifts

Moving into a new home is a big deal! It’s considered one of the biggest stressors, and even for the most organized planners and packers, managing that stress can leave a family drained and overwhelmed. After the dust has settled and the moving truck is gone, there are rooms to furnish, landscapes to fill, endless boxes to unpack, and new memories to be made. While it can be a time to celebrate new beginnings, you may also be wondering how to best support your family or friends during this stressful time of transition. Besides putting in time and elbow grease to help a family get settled into a new home, a housewarming gift that helps make their lives easier or adds a personalized touch to make a house a home is always a great idea!

Here are some unique and useful housewarming gifts you can give:

  • Personalized landscape stones. These unique gifts are a great way to add a personal touch to a new home landscape. You can have the engraved boulders customized with the recipient's new address, family name, or a meaningful message or image. Customized garden stones are a great way to make a family feel comfortable and at home in their new dwelling. Check out more ideas for gifting engraved landscape stones!
  • Houseplants. Houseplants are a classic housewarming gift for a reason. They're beautiful, they add life to a home, and many types are relatively low-maintenance. If you're not sure what type of houseplant to get, ask the recipient about their preference, visit your local nursery for ideas, or give a gift card to a greenhouse so they can pick out their own.
  • Cooking supplies. If your recipient loves to cook, they'll appreciate a new set of kitchen knives, a cookbook, or a set of measuring cups and spoons. You could also get them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or grocery store to ease the burden of meals during a big and busy move.
  • Home decor. A new piece of home decor is a great way to make a new house feel more like home. You could get the recipient a new throw blanket, a vase of flowers, or a piece of art. If you're not sure what type of home decor to get, ask the recipient about their style.
  • Gift baskets. A gift basket is a great way to give a variety of housewarming gifts in one. You could fill a basket with wine, cheese, snacks, kitchen supplies, or anything else you think the recipient would enjoy.

No matter what you choose, make sure the housewarming gift you give is something the recipient will love and appreciate. After all, they're starting a new chapter in their life, and that’s something to celebrate!

Here are some additional tips for choosing the perfect housewarming gift for your family or friends:

  • Consider the recipient's interests. What do they like to do in their free time? What are their hobbies? Get them a gift that reflects their interests.
  • Think about the size of their new home. If they're moving into a small apartment, you might want to avoid getting them a large piece of furniture. Instead, get them something small and practical, like a set of kitchen knives or a new coffee maker. If they have a large yard, consider an item they can add to their landscape.
  • Don't forget the personal touch. A personalized gift is always a nice touch. You could get the recipient an address stone for their new place or custom drink coasters. If they’ve made a long-distance move, consider a gift that reminds them of where they came from, like a puzzle of their previous city or a landscape stone with their home state engraved on it.
  • Don't break the bank. Housewarming gifts don't have to be expensive. There are plenty of thoughtful and affordable gifts that the recipient will love.

With a little thought and effort, you can easily choose a housewarming gift your loved ones will appreciate and remember for years to come.