spring garden full of flowers

How To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

1. Clear your garden of dead leaves and weeds

Flowers and other plants prefer a tidy place to grow in.  Make sure to tidy your soil and cut out any dead growth.

2. Plan ahead for summer-flowering plants

To make sure you get beautiful, blooming plants and a colorful display in the summertime, start planting them in early spring.

3. Planning

Think about how your lawn and garden will be used.  Think about themes, create and link spaces, make your plants work for you, pay attention to detail, and plan for the future.

monogram stone with last name

4. Clean your gardening tools

As they say, cleanliness is next to godliness, so make sure your gardening tools are in tip-top shape. Just like your greenhouse, they may also carry bugs or diseases, so give them a good scrub as well to ensure they don’t have a chance to infect your plants.

5. Remove any unwanted pests

This is not a euphemism; get rid of any hibernating pests such as aphids, slugs, and snails now so that they don’t even have the opportunity to get at your plants. One bug to look for in particular is the white vine weevil larvae (not pictured, simply because they are just too gruesome-looking). They live in the compost and will, without a doubt, feed on plant roots.

6.  Give it a personalized touch

Personalized Name Rocksare a perfect addition to any home.  Also with the rise in deliveries, help the delivery guy out with apersonalized address stone.  Shop personalized stone collections to get a customized decor stone today. Custom Stones also make perfect wedding and house warming gifts.