gray and white house

Easy Curb Appeal Tips

From upgrading your mailbox to lighting up your exterior, here are some easy and affordable curb appeal tips that can help make your home more attractive.

 A Little Paint Goes A Long Ways

A little paint and go a long ways for curb appeal . Top trending house colors we have seen are Linen, Gray Heron, Flagstone, Autumn Red, Snow, and Red Rock Falls. Always check with your homeowners association for rules prior. Consider a contrasting color to paint your home’s trim, doors and shutters.

While painting is time consuming, it is an affordable project with most paints around $25 a gallon.

Plant a tree

Planting shade trees is an investment for the future just like other home upgrades. A smaller, young tree will be cost effective and will increase in value along with your home as well as providing indirect benefits.

Enhance Your Landscaping.

Most homeowners think that first impressions start at the front door, or maybe it all begins at the front porch and flower beds, if you’re thinking outside the box. However, every single guest and visitor will see your yard from the road. Even if they don’t come inside, they’ll have a lasting opinion.

Improving your curb appeal can be a costly, time-consuming project, and not every upgrade comes with a widespread range of benefits. Design A Stone concrete stone markers are made to order with customized designs and they’re easy to install in three simple steps.

While carefully tended flowers disappear in the winter, pruned trees drop mushy, wet leaves in the fall, and patches of grass turn brown in the summer, this Design A Stone rock will look stunning in every season. The high-strength concrete is hand-poured in the USA and finished with durable designs that won’t fade, crack, or peel during seasonal changes, even with snow and ice.

Light up your exterior.

Exterior lights are not only beautiful, make your house stand out a night, but also a good security feature.

New light fixtures can quickly update the look of your home and amplify your curb appeal. When you buy new fixtures for your house, consider function as well as style. Make sure to choose lights that will provide adequate light for your entryway. For easy installation, choose fixtures that mount to the wall the same way as your existing fixtures.

Upgrade your mailbox.

Whether you have a regular mailbox that stands by the road or you have a box mounted to your house, making this easy upgrade is a must for curb appeal. Big box stores have many styles available to find the perfect one to match.