Jul 26, 2023

4 Novel Ways to Use Personalized Garden Stones

Engraved decor stones have a number of functional and stylish uses like Address markers, Welcome messages, and Business signs. But for the bold traveler, the cheeky gardener, and the lake house lover, there’s so much more!

Get inspired with some truly unique and novel ways to use personalized landscape stones in your garden or on the road. The possibilities are nearly endless, and the only limit is your imagination. Here are few ways to use engraved garden stones:

1. Campsites and RVs

If you love spending time outdoors, engraved garden stones are a great way to personalize your campsite or RV. You can use them to mark your spot, create a welcome sign, or even add a touch of humor. For example, you could engrave a rock with the words "This spot is taken" or "Camp here at your own risk."

2. Lake Houses and cabins

For that special place where lifetime memories are made, add an engraved boulder to your lake house, cabin, or beach house to make family, friends, and guests feel at home, even during a getaway. You could use them to mark the path to your dock, create a welcome sign with oars or deer, or even engrave a map of the surrounding area. For a touch of whimsy, you could engrave a rock with the words "Lake Life" or "Cabin Fever."

3. Witty Sayings

Life is serious enough. Why not have some fun and let your personal sense of humor be reflected in your landscape? Personalized garden stones are the perfect way to “Herb Your Enthusiasm” and make sure there is “Never a Dill Moment” when it comes to your garden! You could customize a rock with your favorite quote, a funny saying, or even a pun. “Learn through Trowel and Error” until you come up with a quote you want to memorialize forever!

4. Gardens

What better place for a personalized garden stone than someone’s special garden? Mark the path with who the garden belongs to or other custom touches that add a beautiful and natural-looking flare to any garden bed. Engraved landscape stones make the perfect gift for the green-thumbed family member or friend in your life!

No matter how you use them, engraved garden stones are a beautiful and unique way to add personality to your outdoor space. Design A Stone offers a large variety of creative and whimsical ways to enhance your living space. So get creative and have fun with them!